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Frenetic & Stylish,

Starific is an endless arcade reactor

Where you set off epic chain reactions and catch awesome powerups...

to keep your stellar hopes alive.


Pong and Space Invaders went to a rave one night and got totally wasted on Pixie Stix and Starbursts. Nine months later, Starific was born.

-Jeff Beck (of AndroidPolice)

Starific is one of the gems on the market today and I suggest you pick up yourself a copy now.

-Mike Cronin (of AppsHappens)

Starific is one of those games that has hit written all over it, I’m going to be telling my friends I played it back when it was in beta.

-Ben Graham (of TIGSource)

I had 5 minutes to burn so I turned on Starific. I didn't expect much. Now I'm 3 hours late for work. 1/5

-Daniel Bailiff (of /r/GameDev)

Starific is terrific. The music is fantastic, the visuals are perfect. And everytime I play it surprises me.

-Jack Grasse (of Apptitude)

Clever and challenging. This one is a chart topper and I'm telling all my friends about it.

-Kevin Keyes (of TouchArcade forums)

Very addicting! The game is loaded with extras and doesn't hold back. I can't stop playing.

-Pat Kinsella (of
designed by Ivy Garrenton